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at their age!

Take a trip down memory lane with this customisable, beautifully illustrated book that puts you and a child in the story, allowing you to show a child how your world was at their age.

Personalised, add in both your names and create the perfect keepsake with its very own dedication page.

Make story time unique for you and your little one!

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Book open on the table with illustration showing


Add you and a child into the story by simply customising the characters with a range of options to choose from including hairstyle, hair colour and skin tone. Simply select the options that look most like you and your little one and our beautifully hand-drawn illustrations will update to reflect your selections.

Add both of your names into the book as well.

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STEP back in time

When customising the book, you will have an option to select the decade that you were a youngster at the child’s current age now that you are creating the book for.

There is a range of options from the 50’s – 90’s.

When you transport back in time, your character will transform back into a child, where you and your little one will go on an adventure together and see how the world was at your age through the beautifully illustrated images.

Book open showing illustration
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Book open showing illustration

Add a

As a story book to be cherished for many years, you have the option to create your very own dedication in the book, making it a perfect keepsake.

Thank you to Teddy and David for taking their time to preview the book for the Bedtime Story spot on their Flakefleet Primary School Facebook Page.

This is a clip of Teddy opening the book and David reading the dedication to him. We love Teddy’s reaction to it.

To watch the full video CLICK HERE


Printed on beautiful high-quality thick paper, choose a cover of your choice. The book comes with a gift wallet, making it a great gift, whilst also offering protection for years to come.

Deluxe Hardcover
Gift Wallet

Gift Wallet

All prices include delivery to UK and Ireland.

Create your book now!

Want to Share the Magic Further?

Once you have purchased your book, why not add these magical options:

Curated Prints

A limited-edition curated collection
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Printed on card in A5 size.


Christmas Card

A personalised Christmas Card
to accompany your beautifully
illustrated book.


Colouring Book

Let them colour the world
as they see it with this
personalised colouring book.


Why this book is a PERFECT GIFT for a child!