Our Story

We are based in Dublin, Ireland and have a passion for personalised children’s books.

One day while speaking to our children about what our childhood was like we were met with blanks faces. Explaining that on demand cartoons didn’t exist when I was younger or that I walked to school in my bare feet – ok that part isn’t true! – but we have come a long way to how somethings were when we were children. This is where our book idea was formed after all a picture paints a thousand words. Together with Irish Illustrator Maurice Pierse we painted that picture.

Forget tablets and gizmos with flashing lights. We believe you can’t beat the magic of a good bedtime story.

Imagine when you were younger trying to imagine a time different to this exact minute. What did you play with? What did you wear?

This is why we decided to make a book that showing different eras through beautifully illustrated images and even an illustrated version of you and your child to go on an adventure.

We believe in the power of personalised children’s books to bring people closer together. By putting growing readers in the middle of the action, One Time Before creates an instant, profound connection to the story, the moment, and the grown-up who made it possible. Something very special happens when a child sees themself in an adventure story – it’s a positive message, told in an endlessly fun way!

Each and every book we have printed is unique, just like your child. You can write your own special message to your child, and we’ll print it inside your book for free. We think it’s an important part of reminding a child just how much they’re loved. And it means you’ll be remembered every time they pick up their book.